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  1. Hacks, futures, settlements, flippenings, geopolitical conflict -- 2019 had it all.
  2. JPMorgan's Interbank Information Network will expand to Japan early next year, according to its executive director.
  3. With the market set for another down day, we're talking new data on Bitcoin diversification for traditional portfolios, taking a look at shifting tactics in the mining hardware industry, traditional bonds issued, then redeemed on the Ethereum blockchain, and more...
  4. WeBank has become the first technical infrastructure provider for Chin’s blockchain network.
  5. Nic Carter, a noted crypto skeptic, talks through the big stories of the year and argues that bitcoin mattered more than ever.
  6. Denmark's tax authority, the Skattestyrelsen, has been sending letters to cryptocurrency users it suspects of tax avoidance, demanding a range of information about their trading activities.
  7. "This unequivocally proves that a debt security can be managed through its full lifecycle," said an exec.
  8. The China Construction Bank will help finance small businesses using a blockchain platform.
  9. Are bitcoin sellers back in control? The cryptocurrency is flashing red after a strong rejection above $7,600.
  10. Saga Monetary Technologies has finally launched its SGA stablecoin, and it's already planning to break away from its pegged basket of currencies.