As many of you are asking how to get started, where can i buy, sell, trade, how... We've composed this simple guide to get you going!



One of the best options nowadays is Binance (Opens in new window). Sign up, and download their app as well. Buying crypto is then straight forward with a bank card!



This is subject to your country and any resistance imposed by your local banks, but there are always solutions. A universal solution that works nearly everywhere on the planet is again Binance (Opens in new window). You can order their Visa card, and use that to either withdraw from an ATM or use it straight at retail stores for your purchases.

If you can't find how to order the card, use this guide

For larger amounts, if your local bank is ok accepting transfers from a crypto-related business such as binance, you can withdraw directly (Pls ask your local crypto community for advice on this). IF NOT, then a great alternative route is as follows:

  1. Transfer your crypto to Coinbase (Click here to sign up for a free account)
  2. Sell crypto to your currency.
  3. Withdraw to "Paypal" (Withdrawals to PP are nearly instant)
  4. From there, you can withdraw to any bank without issues (Suggestion, for 5digit amount withdraw chunks of <5-10k. Anything larger you will have to justify the source of funds. You can always say it is from investment but you can avoid this hassle by doing it in chunks)


*We'll update this guide with more Q&A soon
**Subjects we'll cover include but not limited to, trading, mining, tech, accepting payments, staking etc

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