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So you got your mining rig setup, this guide will get you through the basics of "Dual Mining with Claymore".

Firstly, always keep your mining software up to date with the latest release. We use Claymore for dual mining ETH + DCR/SIA or other supported coins. Claymore does not need installation, rather just download the files in a folder and start the miner (See configuration further).

Ok, so on my previous post, we analysed why mining is more profitable than purchasing cryptocurrency, and we focus predominantly on Bitcoin and Ethereum. Rightfully so as Bitcoin is the established main cryptocurrency while Ethereum is the highest rival followed only by a handful of distant competitors.
These 2 cryptocurrencies tend to "buddy up", literally, and I'll explain why.


Hello everyone, my name is Angelos and many of you might know me from any of the technology endeavours i've pursuit over the last decade. Endeavours such as Exevior Technologies, BeepXtra, Clickahost or Trion Solar.
I've been involved in cryptocurrency for some time now, and lately that became public! And by going public, the curse of every technology literate engineer, kicked in. The curse where everyone around you want to know about this exciting new technology, or how do you do this or how to fix that.... Well, the answer is no, just because i studied or am involved in something related to "Technology"... does not mean i can fix your playstation!!!

Moving on, i've been asked the question about mining cryptocurrency and why should someone buy cloud mining rather than just invest in a cryptocurrency directly. And that is the purpose of this report, to simply answer that once and share it with you all.