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For advanced CLI users

This tutorial is for Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04

mkdir /home/ethcontrol
cd /home/ethcontrol
crontab -e
- This will open up an editor...
- The first time you have to choose one of the available editors.... choose 2 (nano) or whichever you prefer
- and Add this line at the bottom of it:
@reboot /home/ethcontrol/EthControl -accessToken YOURACCESSTOKEN -rigName miner1 -update 120
If you chose nano editor,
ctrl + o (letter o)  to save the file... press enter
ctrl + x   to exit
reboot now

If you've done the above correctly and with no issues, once the system restarts you should be able to see miner1 in your ethmonitoring dashboard under "miners". Configure it and your up and running.