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The most common question i received so far is:  "How do I build a mining rig?, please help me" 
*Experienced techies, skip below the second dividing line.
Without wanting to sound arrogant or in any way insulting, if you are asking that question, then you may not be up for it. If you were capable of building and, more importantantly optimising, maintaning and troubleshooting a mining rig, your questions would be on a completely different level.

Allow me to explain: Building a mining rig is not a plug-n-play job. 
I'm not referring to ASIC miners such as Bitmain's or Panda etc but GPU mining rigs. If you got the room for ASIC miners, and don't mind the noise (They are airplane turbines!!! Literally) and you can find available stock, fair enough.
To build a decent mining rig, you first need basic computer assembly knowledge. If you have never build a gaming PC yourself, then look for someone who can! 
Don't get me wrong, a GPU mining rig is NOT similar to a gaming PC at all. You need much more in-depth knowledge of both the hardware and the Blockchain technology. 
You need to be aware of what parts are suitable for a mining rig, which motherboards, which graphic cards, how mining works, how do you calculate profitability, not to mention the fundamental electrical knowledge to calculate your wattage needs, distribution and profits. 
So before you go trigger-happy for those parts, hold yourself and seek advice from a friend who knows both PC assembly and crypto itself. Mistakes in the mining world cost a lot. 
Experienced NERD stuff
Recommended Hardware
mobos: Biostar TB85 BTC PRO, Asrock h81 BTC PRO (6GPU), Biostar TB250 BTC PRO/ Asrock H110 BTC PRO (12-13 GPU).
CPU: Cheapest you can get for the slot (attention to LANES, 16minimum)
RAM: Cheapest 4GB for 6GPU rigs, 8GB for 6+GPU
Disk: 120GB SSD Recommended, you want to be fast on reboots or updates
-AMD RX570/580. Stay away from PULSE models. Do your own research on exact models and search for it's reported hashrate, plenty of mining community forums around. 
-NVidia 1060,1070 for ETH, 1060,1070,1080 for ZEC, XMR and noumerous others.
*AMDs need bios mod to outperform NVidias.
Past the software initial setup and rig in working order, if you run into trouble out of nowhere... 99.99999999% It's always the risers!!! Or Windows - so steer clear!!!

NOTE: Time of this post, GPUs are over-valued and mostly out of stock due to ETH price rise and the whole newbie rig builder frenzy. Hold your horses for a few weeks before buying. GPUs are not worth more than 350.