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For advanced CLI users

This tutorial is for Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04

mkdir /home/ethcontrol
cd /home/ethcontrol
crontab -e
- This will open up an editor...
- The first time you have to choose one of the available editors.... choose 2 (nano) or whichever you prefer
- and Add this line at the bottom of it:
@reboot /home/ethcontrol/EthControl -accessToken YOURACCESSTOKEN -rigName miner1 -update 120
If you chose nano editor,
ctrl + o (letter o)  to save the file... press enter
ctrl + x   to exit
reboot now

If you've done the above correctly and with no issues, once the system restarts you should be able to see miner1 in your ethmonitoring dashboard under "miners". Configure it and your up and running. 

A mind opening crash-course explaining in simple terms, the mechanics behind blockchain technology and how you can build, previously impossible, solutions or businesses around it.

*Further down we will analyse the upcoming ETC Hardfork (approx 5th March).
But to begin with, you need to understand what a fork is and how it works.

What's a Fork on the blockchain?

If you remember how the blockchain works (Analysed on a previous post - see the post here), there can be only 1 valid chain of blocks. These blocks represent and keep a record of every event that happened on the blockchain up to that specific moment in time. So "Forking" a blockchain is literary taking a snapshot of the complete set and running it parallel to the original, thus having a separate and autonomous blockchain formed that can run independent from the master chain.

Let's talk crypto-mining! Most crypto out there can be "mined" with hardware. That is the process of offering your hardware's processing power and get paid for it in crypto. 
So how does it work:
NOTE: If you are not into the details of how it works and just want to read ways to do it, scroll down after the dividing line (This is going to be a long post).

The most common question i received so far is:  "How do I build a mining rig?, please help me" 
*Experienced techies, skip below the second dividing line.
Without wanting to sound arrogant or in any way insulting, if you are asking that question, then you may not be up for it. If you were capable of building and, more importantantly optimising, maintaning and troubleshooting a mining rig, your questions would be on a completely different level.